Cali Floor sources the finest floors in the mid to lower price ranges. Our flooring closeouts are extensive and we research the market daily to find the best deals available so you the consumer get the bets possible deal. Our web site offers most wood species available in the US such as oak, walnut, maple, hickory and others. Our selections include both Solid and Engineered options as well as Laminate and vinyl.

Who We Are

Cali Floor are importers and specialist suppliers of high quality flooring products ranging from solid wood, engineered wood to tiles and terrace decking.

The wood is sourced straight from the manufacturer and by marketing directly online, we are able to offer premium products at the most competitive prices.

What we do for you

As the first British owned flooring supplier in the West Coast, Cali Floor epitomizes attention to detail.

With over twenty years of experience in the flooring industry, Cali Floor has the expertise and reputation to assist all our customers. We want to turn our knowledge into your satisfaction.

Quality and Environment

We stand behind what you stand on!

We guarantee the quality of our products and offer our customers reliability and satisfaction. All products sold by us carry a warranty.


  • Tip Top Grey Living Room
  • Tip Top Grey Great Room
  • Tip Top Grey Bedroom
  • French White Oak Kitchen
  • French White Oak Great Room
  • French White Oak Bedroom
  • Metz Great Room
  • Himalayas Dining Room