Silencer Eco HD FOF Underlayment (100sf roll)


Silencer Eco HD FOF Underlayment

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Save The Environment with this “Green” product. The Eco-Silencer HD is made with post consumer recycled granulated rubber tires added to our industry leader, The Silencer TM acoustical underlayment. This product offers the same features and benefits as Silencer SR and Silencer HD with the added impact on protecting the environment. For every seven rolls of the Eco-Silencer HD product used, one tire is diverted from the landfill. Protect the environment and planet by using post consumer recycled products.

The plastic underlayments only fill up the landfills and are not recyclable.

GO GREEN!! and also generate the building LEED credits (up to five credit points).

Weight: 15.50 lbs

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Weight 15.50 lbs


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